Applies to

PictureListBox, DropDownPictureListBox, TreeView, Toolbar, RibbonComboBoxItem controls


The PictureHeight property specifies in pixels the display height of all the pictures in the control. In a script, this property can be set only if there are no images in the PictureName property array. In the painter, you can change this value whether or not there are images in the Picture list.


In a painter

To set the picture height:

  • Select the desired value from the Height drop-down list on the Pictures tab page of the control's Properties view.

    The choices of 16 and 32 are standard pixel heights for icons. If you select Default, PowerBuilder uses the height of the first picture in the PictureName array as the height for all the pictures.

In scripts

The PictureHeight property takes an integer value. This value can be set only before the first call to the AddPicture function or after calling DeletePictures. If this value is set to 0, then the size of the first picture in the PictureName property array is used as the height for all the pictures.

The following line sets the height for a TreeView's pictures to 16 pixels.

tv_1.PictureHeight = 16