Applies to

RibbonBar controls


Specifies the theme of the RibbonBar. If the application is set with a theme, then the theme selected for the application will take effect and this BuiltinTheme property will be ignored.

Default is 0. Currently the default is mapping to Flat Design Blue. Values are:

0 -- Default

1 -- Flat Design Blue

2 -- Flat Design Dark

3 -- Flat Design Grey

4 -- Flat Design Silver


In a painter

To set BuiltinTheme property for RibbonBar:

  1. Select the RibbonBar control.

  2. Select a theme from the BuiltinTheme list on the General page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

This statement selects the Flat Design Dark theme for the RibbonBar control:

rbb_1.BuiltinTheme = 2