System Object Properties, Events, and Functions

Table of Contents

ADOResultSet object
Animation control
Application object
ArrayBounds object
CheckBox control
ClassDefinition object
CoderObject object
CommandButton control
CompressorObject object
Connection object (obsolete)
ContextInformation object
ContextKeyword object
CORBACurrent object (obsolete)
CORBAObject object (obsolete)
CrypterObject object
DotNetAssembly object
DotNetObject object
DataStore object
DataWindow control
DataWindowChild object
DatePicker control
DropDownListBox control
DropDownPictureListBox control
DynamicDescriptionArea object
DynamicStagingArea object
EditMask control
EnumerationDefinition object
EnumerationItemDefinition object
Environment object
Error object
ErrorLogging object
Exception object
ExtractorObject object
Graph object
grAxis object
grDispAttr object
GroupBox control
HProgressBar control
HScrollBar control
HTrackBar control
HTTPClient object
Inet object
InkEdit control
InkPicture control
InternetResult object
JSONGenerator object
JSONPackage object
JSONParser object
Line control
ListBox control
ListView control
ListViewItem object
mailFileDescription object
mailMessage object
mailRecipient object
mailSession object
MDIClient object
Menu object
MenuCascade object
Message object
MLSync object
MLSynchronization object
MonthCalendar control
MultiLineEdit control
OAuthClient object
OAuthRequest object
OLEControl control
OLECustomControl control (OCX)
OLEObject object
OLEStorage object
OLEStream object
OLETxnObject object
Oval control
Picture control
PictureButton control
PictureHyperLink control
PictureListBox control
Pipeline object
ProfileCall object
ProfileClass object
ProfileLine object
ProfileRoutine object
Profiling object
RadioButton control
Rectangle control
ResourceResponse object
RESTClient object
ResultSet object
ResultSets object (obsolete)
RibbonBar control
RibbonApplicationButtonItem control
RibbonApplicationMenu control
RibbonCategoryItem control
RibbonCheckBoxItem control
RibbonComboBoxItem control
RibbonGroupItem control
RibbonLargeButtonItem control
RibbonMenu control
RibbonMenuItem control
RibbonPanelItem control
RibbonSmallButtonItem control
RibbonTabButtonItem control
RichTextEdit control
RoundRectangle control
RuntimeError object
ScriptDefinition object
SimpleTypeDefinition object
SingleLineEdit control
SSLCallBack object (obsolete)
SSLServiceProvider object (obsolete)
StaticHyperLink control
StaticText control
SyncParm object
Tab control
Throwable object
Timing object
TokenRequest object
TokenResponse object
TraceActivityNode object
TraceBeginEnd object
TraceError object
TraceESQL object
TraceFile object
TraceGarbageCollect object
TraceLine object
TraceObject object
TraceRoutine object
TraceTree object
TraceTreeError object
TraceTreeESQL object
TraceTreeGarbageCollect object
TraceTreeLine object
TraceTreeNode object
TraceTreeObject object
TraceTreeRoutine object
TraceTreeUser object
TraceUser object
Transaction object
TransactionServer object
TreeView control
TreeViewItem object
TypeDefinition object
ULSync object
UserObject object
VariableCardinalityDefinition object
VariableDefinition object
VProgressBar control
VScrollBar control
VTrackBar control
WebBrowser control
Window control
WSConnection object (Obsolete)

About this chapter

This chapter lists the properties, events, and functions of PowerBuilder system objects and controls. This chapter does not include base class objects.


The objects and controls are listed alphabetically.