Applies to

MLSync and SyncParm objects


Specifies a comma-separated list of authentication parameters for the remote database connection to the MobiLink synchronization server. If you set the AuthenticateParms property on an MLSync object, or if you call SetParm after setting the AuthenticateParms property on a SyncParm object, PowerBuilder inserts a -ap option with the AuthenticateParms value in the MLSync object's subsequent Synchronize call.


At design time, you can enter AuthenticateParms values on the General tab of the Properties view for an MLSync object. At runtime, application users can enter AuthenticateParms values on the Subscriptions tab page of the default synchronization options window generated by the MobiLink wizard.

In scripts

You can modify AuthenticateParms values in PowerScript directly on the synchronization object or indirectly, by setting it on the SyncParms object before calling SetParm.

SyncParms Parms
MLSync mySync
long rc
mySync = CREATE MLSync
Parms.MLUser = '50'
Parms.MLPass = 'xyz123'
Parms.AuthenticateParams = 'param1, param2, param3'
rc = mySync.Synchronize()