Applies to

MonthCalendar controls


The TrailingTextColor property specifies the color used for text for leading and trailing days in the calendar.


This property does not work on the Windows 8.1/10 operating system.

In a painter

Select the desired color from the TrailingTextColor drop-down list on the General tab page of the Properties view.

In scripts

The TrailingTextColor property is a long indicating the color to be used for leading and trailing days in the calendar. These are days in months that are partly displayed in the calendar. In a calendar showing a single month, they are the last few days of the preceding month and the next few days of the following month. In a calendar showing the three months July to September, the leading days are the last few days of June and the trailing days are the first few days of October. The default color is Disabled Text.

If you do not know the long value for the color, choose Design>Custom Colors to determine the red, green, and blue values and then call the RGB function to specify the color in a script.

The following line sets the trailing text color for the control mc_1 to "Inactive Title Bar":

mc_1.TrailingTextColor = 134217731