Applies to

RibbonComboBoxItem controls


The BoxHeight property specifies the height of the box of the ribbon combo box in PowerBuilder units.


If the AutoScale property is set to True, this property will be ignored; if AutoScale is False, this property will take effect; if AutoScale is False and this property is set to an invalid value (such as 0), the width will be determined by the program.

In a painter

To set the box height of a control:

  • Enter the desired width in the Box Height edit box on the Other tab page of the control's Properties view, or select the control and resize it with your cursor.

In scripts

The BoxHeight property takes a long value. The following example sets the BoxHeight of a Ribbon ComboBox to 30 PBUs:

RibbonComboBoxItem lr_ComboBox

lr_ComboBox.AutoScale = false
lr_ComboBox.BoxHeight = 30