Applies to

MLSync objects


Specifies the ODBC data source name used to connect to a SQL Anywhere remote database. Setting this property is equivalent to using the -c "dsn=myDSN" dbmlsync option, where myDSN is the data source name.


This is a required property of the synchronization object. If the property value is not set before a synchronize call, the synchronization fails and an error string is saved to the synchronization object's ErrorText property.

At design time, you can enter a DataSource property value on the SQL Anywhere Connect tab of the Properties view for an MLSync object. At runtime, application users can enter DataSource values in the DSN text box on the SQL Anywhere tab page of the default synchronization options window generated by the MobiLink wizard.

In scripts

You can modify DataSource values in script as follows:

mlSync.DataSource = 'myDSN'