Applies to

grDispAttr objects within Graph controls


The DisplayExpression property specifies an expression whose value is the label for a specified text object within the Graph control.

The default expression is the value of the property containing the text for the graph component.


In a painter

To specify a display expression for a text object:

  1. Display the Text tab page of the Graph control's Properties view.

  2. Select the text object for which you want to define a display expression from the Text Object list box.

    The default value of the DisplayExpression property is displayed in the DisplayExpression field.

  3. Specify the display expression in the Display Expression field, or click the More button to display the Modify Expression dialog box.

In scripts

The DisplayExpression property can be set using the grDispAttr object for each text component. DisplayExpression takes a string, which can contain an expression.

The following example appends today's date to the title of the graph:

gr_1.TitleDispAttr.DisplayExpression = 'title + " " + Today()'