Applies to

InkPicture controls


Specifies whether ink collection is enabled.


In a painter

To specify that an InkPicture control can collect ink:

  • Select the InkEnabled check box on the Ink page in the Properties view.

In scripts

The InkEnabled property takes a boolean value.

The value of the property is always false on systems that do not have the Tablet PC SDK installed. You must set this property to false before changing the MarginX and MarginY properties, and you should set it to false before closing an application. Before changing this property, make sure the control is not collecting ink by checking the Status property.

This example checks that the ip_1 control is not collecting ink, then disables ink collection:

IF ip_1.Status = Idle! THEN   ip_1.InkEnabled = FALSE
ELSE   MessageBox("Please try again later",  &
      "Ink is being collected.")