Applies to

PictureButton controls


The DisabledName property specifies the name of a picture file to be displayed when the PictureButton is disabled. The picture can be in the following formats:

  • bitmap (.BMP)

  • runlength encoded (.RLE)

  • Windows metafile (.WMF)

  • GIF (.GIF)

  • JPEG (.JPG or .JPEG)


In a painter

To specify a picture to be displayed when the button is disabled:

  • Enter the name of the file in the DisabledName field on the General page of the control's Properties view, or use the Browse button next to the DisabledName field to select a file.

In scripts

The DisabledName property takes a string containing the name of a file. The string can include the path. This example specifies the picture controls.bmp for the disabled view of the PictureButton:

pb_1.DisabledName = "d:\pbhelp\controls.bmp"