Applies to

EditMask controls


When an EditMask control has been defined as a spin control (that is, a control with up and down arrows the user clicks to cycle through predefined values), a code table can be used to validate data.

The UseCodeTable property specifies whether the control uses a code table to validate data.


In a painter

To specify use of a code table for an EditMask control:

  1. Select the Spin Control and Code Table check boxes on the Mask tab page of the control's Properties view.

    An area appears on the lower half of the tab page where you can enter values for the code table.

  2. Specify Display Values and their corresponding Data Values.

    Use the Insert button to insert items within this list.

In scripts

The UseCodeTable property takes a boolean value. This example specifies that the EditMask control should use its code table to validate data:

em_1.UseCodeTable = TRUE

You can specify the contents of the code table in scripts by using the DisplayData property. Enter the Display values and their corresponding Data values as a text string, with the Display and Data pairs separated by tabs and the pairs separated by slashes. For example:

em_1.DisplayData = "Black   1/White   2/Red   3"