Applies to

DataWindow controls, Windows


The TitleBar property specifies whether the DataWindow control or window displays a title bar. The user can move a window or DataWindow control only if it has a title bar.

If the window type is a main or MDI frame window with or without MicroHelp, the TitleBar property is always enabled. When the title bar is enabled, you can choose whether to include the control menu and the maximize and minimize boxes in the title bar.


In a painter

To display a title bar:

  • Select the TitleBar check box on the General page of the DataWindow control's or window's Properties view.

In scripts

For DataWindow controls, the TitleBar property can be modified in a script. It cannot be modified for Windows.

The TitleBar property takes a boolean value. The following line specifies that a title bar will appear in a DataWindow control dw_1:

dw_1.TitleBar = TRUE