For Graph controls

Applies to

grAxis objects in Graph controls


AutoScale is a property of the Category and Value grAxis objects that are part of graph controls. There are three grAxis objects: Category, Series, and Values.

Autoscale specifies whether or not to scale the axis of the Graph automatically to the minimum and maximum values for the data.


In a painter

To enable autoscaling:

  1. Display the Axis tab page on the graph's Properties view.

  2. Select the desired Axis from the Axis drop-down list.

  3. Select the AutoScale check box, if it is enabled.

AutoScale is enabled only if it is applicable to the selected graph type and axis.

In scripts

The AutoScale property takes a boolean value.

The following line turns off autoscaling for the Values axis in the Graph gr_emp.

gr_emp.Values.AutoScale = FALSE

For ribbon controls

Applies to

RibbonComboBoxItem controls


Specifies whether or not to automatically scale the width and height of the control according to the width and height of the content. (Default is TRUE.)

When this property is set to FALSE, the width and height of the control is determined by the Width, BoxWidth, and/or BoxHeight properties; if the Width, BoxWidth, and/or BoxHeight properties are set to 0 or not specified, the width and height is determined by the program.


RibbonComboBoxItem lr_ComboBox

lr_ComboBox.AutoScale = false
lr_ComboBox.Width = 500
lr_ComboBox.BoxWidth = 200
lr_ComboBox.BoxHeight = 30