Applies to

All graphic controls except drawing objects and progress, scroll, and track bars.

Ribbon controls (including RibbonApplicationButtonItem, RibbonTabButtonItem, RibbonCategoryItem, RibbonPanelItem, RibbonGroupItem, RibbonLargeButtonItem, RibbonSmallButtonItem, RibbonCheckBoxItem, RibbonComboBoxItem, and RibbonMenuItem)


When the Enabled property is enabled, the control can have focus. Users can select the control by clicking on it. If the control is included in the tab order, users can tab to it.

If the Enabled property is not enabled, the control cannot have focus and the user cannot select it.

For a MonthCalendar control, the enabled property enables or disables keyboard input.

Enabled does not affect whether the control is visible (see Visible).


In a painter

To set the Enabled property:

  • Select the Enabled check box on the General page of the control's Properties view.

In scripts

The Enabled property takes a boolean value. Most controls have an Enabled property. This example sets Enabled for a CommandButton:

cb_1.Enabled = TRUE