Applies to

All controls


The Pointer property specifies the pointer image displayed when the pointer is over a control.

Rich text objects

The RichTextEdit control supports only the pointers included in the list of stock pointers on the Other tab of the Properties view. The RichText DataWindow supports only the pointers listed on the Pointer tab page of the Rich Text Object property sheet.

If no pointer is specified, the default pointer is "IBeam!" when the rich text control is editable and "Arrow!" when the control is read-only.


In a painter

To specify a pointer:

  1. Select the Other tab page from the control's Properties view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Type the complete path and name of the file containing the pointer image in the Pointer text box.

    • Use the Browse button.

    • Click the down arrow to display a list of stock pointers and select a pointer from the list.

In scripts

The Pointer property takes a string containing either a file name or the name of one of the Pointer enumerated datatypes.

Both of the following lines set the I-beam as the pointer for CommandButton cb_1.

cb_1.Pointer = 'Beam!'
cb_1.Pointer = 'd:\archive\IBEAM.BMP'