Installing IWA apps

IWA is short for installable Web apps. As its name suggests, it is also a Web application, and it is configured and deployed in the exact same way as the other PowerServer Web application that runs in the Web browser (browser-based apps). The only difference is IWA app is installed as a desktop app on the client, and it can be launched directly from the desktop.

To run an IWA app on the client machine, you will need to install it first. You will need to append "iwarunner.html" at the end of the application URL in a Web browser, for example, The Web browser will download the IWA Runner setup wizard (appeoniwarunner.exe) if IWA Runner is not installed before; after download is complete, you should run the setup wizard to install the IWA Runner; and after that the Web app will be automatically installed as an IWA app on the desktop.

To run an IWA app with arguments, append the argument to the end of the URL: The app shortcut will be created with this URL: (be sure to keep the "/" right after the app name in the URL if you want to manually change this URL).

Compared to the browser-based app, IWA app may have a slightly different look and feel for some UI controls, because IWA apps and browser-based apps use different frameworks to implement UI controls.

About IWA Runner

IWA Runner can be considered as a lightweight Web browser that supports running the Appeon IWA apps only. It must be installed on the client, for only one time. User will be prompted to upgrade IWA Runner if it is updated.

IWA Runner can support IWA apps of different versions and it is backwards compatible after upgraded.

IWA Runner can only be run by one Windows user at a time, which means, multiple Windows users on the same client machine cannot run the IWA app at the same time.

IWA Runner is a 32-bit program that can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS, however, it cannot call 64-bit DLLs/OCXs and Windows APIs and registry on 64-bit OS.

If any issue installing or running the IWA app, refer to the section called “IWA issues” in PowerServer Troubleshooting Guide.

Configuring IWA Runner

The end user can configure IWA Runner to connect with the PowerServer through a proxy server by the following steps:

Step 1: Select Windows Start > All Programs > Appeon IWA > Configure IWA Runner.

Step 2: Configure to use or not to use a proxy server.

To configure to use a proxy server, you can choose to directly use the Internet Explorer proxy settings, or configure the proxy settings manually.

Configure IWA Runner