Fixing the code/stopping the debug procedure

Once you locate the cause of the erroneous execution results, you can stop the debugging procedure, return to the PowerBuilder application to fix the code, and re-deploy the application to verify that the error has been corrected.

To stop the debugging process: close Internet Explorer where the application is running, or select Stop on the toolbar. The breakpoints you set to the application will be saved when PowerServer Debugger is closed, and will be available when PowerServer Debugger is re-opened.

When fixing the code, you must return to the PowerBuilder IDE and make code changes in the original PowerBuilder application. Redeploy the application and run the application in Internet Explorer to verify if the problem has been corrected. If the problem still exists and you need to return to PowerServer Debugger to redeploy the application. Otherwise, the latest code changes will not be reflected in PowerServer Debugger.