Speed of Deployment Process

The table below benchmarks the time taken or speed to compile various applications in PowerBuilder and deploy to the Web or mobile using PowerServer. In general, the results indicate that the speed of the PowerServer deployment process is similar to the speed of the PowerBuilder compilation/build process.





Sales Application Demo (5.55M)

20 seconds

50 seconds

22 seconds

Appeon Code Example Demo (20.5M)

1 minutes 3 seconds

12 minutes 37 seconds

1 minutes 12 seconds

ACF Demo (21.5M)

2 minutes 5 seconds

24 minutes 46 seconds

2 minutes 12 seconds

As a general rule of thumb, each additional megabyte of PBLs will add approximately 8 seconds to the full deployment process. For example, it would take 4 minutes to deploy a 30MB PFC application. This would only apply for the initial or full deployment. All subsequent deployments should take no more than few minutes or even possibly as little as a few seconds.

This rule of thumb applies to hardware configurations that meet the minimum developer PC requirements stated in Installation Requirements in Installation Guide for PowerServer (PB Edition). Machines with a slower clock-speed will take longer to perform the deployment.