Preparing the PowerBuilder application

It is recommended that you perform a build and PBL optimization on the PowerBuilder application before performing a PowerServer application deployment. The following table shows you which type of build options you should select for the application.

Build Option

What It Does

When To Perform

Incremental build

Refreshes the objects that have been changed.

Before a full or incremental deployment.

Full build

Refreshes all objects.

Not recommended.

Optimize PBLs

Removes unused space in the PBLs as stored on disk, and reduces object fragmentation.

After building the application but prior to deployment.

Performing an incremental build in PowerBuilder is necessary because when modifications are made to a parent class, the child class does not reflect the changes unless one of three things occurs:

  1. The child class is opened and saved.

  2. An incremental build is performed.

  3. A full build is performed.