Coding with Code Insight

When Code Insight is enabled and effective () for an application, you can start editing the objects of the application using Code Insight. For example, take the following steps to add a new control and use Code Insight to edit it:

Step 1: Add a button to the current object in the painter.

Step 2: Save the object by clicking the Save button on the PowerBar.

Note: Saving the object enables Code Insight to generate the supported and unsupported feature list for the new content. Code Insight cannot detect the new content unless the object is saved.

Step 3: Double click the button to open the Script view and pause for a few seconds after typing an identifier followed by a dot (for example, pause after This. ).

If there is more than one property, variable, method, or statement that could be inserted, the Code Insight feature list pops up for you to select a supported property, variable or method, as shown in the following figure.

Develop an application with Code Insight

The unsupported properties, variables or methods in the popup list will have a red icon in front, as shown in the following figure. Avoid using the unsupported features.

PowerServer unsupported features displayed in popup window

Step 4: Select a supported property, variable or method from the popup list.

You can use Code Insight to help develop an application free of unsupported features and suitable for migration.