Using UFA Tool

Unsupported Features Analysis (UFA) tool helps you analyze an application for unsupported features.

The following table gives brief descriptions of the unsupported features report.


UFA Report

Purpose of the report

Enables you to work around or remove unsupported features in order to make the PowerBuilder application suitable for PowerServer Web or mobile migration.

What is reported

Most of the unsupported PowerBuilder coding features including keyword, event, data type, system function, control (itself and its property, function, event), object (itself and its property, function, event).

IMPORTANT: There are still some unsupported features that cannot be reported. These undetected features, though only a small number, may make up the largest proportion of your workload depending on how they are used, so we strongly recommend you carefully check the list in the section called “Undetected Unsupported Features”.

How to generate the report

Use the Unsupported Features Analysis tool, or perform the first two tasks in PowerServer Application Deployment Wizard.


These features apply for the report:

Automatic incremental analysis. After the first analysis, the subsequent analysis is automatically incremental to save time, but the report generated still contains all the information as if it were a full analysis.

Analysis at application, PBL or object level. You can choose to generate UFA Report for an application, PBL(s) in the application, or object(s) in the application.

This chapter describes:

  • How to use the UFA tool to analyze an application and generate the UFA Report.

  • Undetected unsupported features. There are a small number of unsupported features that the UFA Report cannot detect.

  • How to use the UFA tool to work around unsupported features effectively.

  • How to use the UFA tool to manipulate the UFA Report. For example, you can adjust the view of the UFA Report so it suits your preferences.