Performing feature analysis

There are two ways to perform a feature analysis of an application:

  • Use the Unsupported Features Analysis tool. This option enables you to do a feature analysis of the whole application, or PBL(s) in the application, or objects in the application.

  • Use the first two tasks in PowerServer Application Deployment Wizard. When you use PowerServer Application Deployment Wizard to deploy an application, the first task the wizard performs is a feature analysis of the whole application.

This section mainly gives instructions on the first option (using the Unsupported Features Analysis tool). For more information about the second option, refer to the section called “Deployment process”.

Step 1: Select the File > New Report menu in the UFA Report window. The New UFA Report dialog box appears, as shown in the following figure.

New UFA Report dialog box

The following table gives a brief description of the elements in the New UFA Report dialog box.



Application profile dropdown list

Provides a list of application profiles for you to select and analyze.

Only application profiles configured in the PowerServer Toolkit Configuration window will be listed.

Search field

Searches for PBLs or objects that contains the text you enter.

Treeview of objects

Gives the treeviews of PBLs and objects for the application selected in the application dropdown list and allows you to select the whole application or only some objects to analyze.

Display Full Path option

Gives you options to display or hide the full path of the PBLs and objects in the treeview.

Refresh button

Refreshes the PBL and object list in the treeview.

Step 2: Select the application that you want to analyze from the Application profile dropdown list.

The default target to analyze is the default application profile in the PowerServer Toolkit Configuration window.

Step 3: Check the PBLs and/or objects in the treeview for which you want to generate the UFA Report.

The treeview lists all the PBLs and objects contained in the selected target. By default, all objects are selected.

Step 4: Click the OK button to start the feature analysis.

The feature analysis of the selected objects begins, as shown in the following figure.

Unsupported Features Analysis Process dialog

Step 5: Click Close when the analysis is completed. The UFA Report is loaded into the UFA Report Window.