Introduction to the debugging procedure

Although PowerServer Debugger is used for debugging the JavaScript in the deployed application, breakpoints are not set in the JavaScript, but directly in the PowerBuilder code loaded in the PowerServer Debugger Source view. The generated JavaScript is invisible throughout the entire process, however the results shown in the Watch view are the execution results of the JavaScript.

The debugger procedure with PowerServer Debugger is the typical 5-step procedure as with PowerBuilder Debugger:

Step 1: Start the debugger.

Step 2: Set breakpoints.

Step 3: Run the application in debug mode.

Step 4: Examine the application at the breakpoints by watching variables and expressions, and monitoring the call stack. You may also step through the application after a breakpoint to closely examine the effects of each code.

Step 5: Fix the code.

The actions performed in each step are not very different from those required in PowerBuilder Debugger. However, there are some special requirements related with the actions, and the action results are from the running of JavaScript. Continue reading the following sections for detailed descriptions of these debugging steps.