Packaging Applications

The PowerServer Application Package Wizard helps PowerBuilder developers to

  • Generate portable server deployment packages for Web and/or mobile applications, so the user can directly deploy the Web and/or mobile application to servers without installing PowerServer Toolkit and using it to do Web or mobile deployments. The PowerBuilder developers do not need to provide the source PowerBuilder application to the user; this protects the author's intellectual property rights. Refer to Packaging a server deployment project.

  • Generate the mobile project for iOS and Android, so the user can compile the project to standalone native application and publish the application in the online app stores or distribute it over-the-air. For iOS, the Package Wizard generates an Xcode project which can be compiled to an iOS application archive (IPA) file by using Xcode later. For Android, the Package Wizard generates an Android project which can be compiled to an Android app (AAB or APK) file by using Android Studio. Refer to Packaging a stand-alone mobile project.

  • Customize Appeon Workspace and package Appeon Workspace to a standalone application. Refer to Customizing and packaging Appeon Workspace.

Before using the PowerServer Application Package Wizard, verify that

  1. The target PowerBuilder application has been deployed as required:

    You must have performed a full deployment on the target PowerBuilder application on the same developer machine where you will use the packaging wizard to pack this application later, this will generate a complete set of files on the local developer machine where the package wizard will be able to obtain and pack files.

  2. The deployed application can run correctly.