Tasks required before you perform feature analysis

Step 1: Perform an incremental build or object regeneration for the PowerBuilder application. Right-click on the application target and select a build option (for example, Incremental Build) as shown in the following figure.

Incremental Build

The following table shows you which type of build options you should select for the application.

Build Option

What It Does

Recommended For


Refreshes the timestamp for a PowerBuilder object.

Object-level Features Analysis. If the object is regenerated, the object will be analyzed even if no change has made to it.


Refreshes the objects that have been changed.

Application-level Features Analysis.


Refreshes all objects.

Not recommended.

Step 2: Perform PBL optimization for the PowerBuilder application.

The purpose of PBL optimization is to remove gaps from libraries and defragment the storage of objects to get rid of potential problems in PBL files.