Developing with Code Insight

Code Insight is a tool designed to help you write PowerServer-supported PowerScript code more quickly by providing a lookup and paste service inside the PowerBuilder Script view. You can use it to develop PowerBuilder applications that are free of PowerServer unsupported features and tailored to Web or mobile migration.

The usage of Code Insight is similar to that of PowerBuilder AutoScript. The following table describes the differences between the PowerBuilder AutoScript and PowerServer Code Insight.


PowerBuilder AutoScript

PowerServer Code Insight

Effective for

Functions, events, variables, properties, and templates for PowerBuilder DO, FOR, IF, and CHOOSE statements.

Items referred in dot notations

What pops up

A list of properties, variables, methods, or statements.

1) A list of properties, variables, or methods.

2) The PowerServer unsupported properties, variables or methods that are marked with a red icon left to them.

Ways to use it

Two ways to use AutoScript:

  • Turn automatic popup on to pop up a list automatically when you pause while typing, or

  • Invoke AutoScript only once when you need it by selecting the menu items.

Only one way to use Code Insight:

Step 1: Activate Code Insight;

Step 2: Configure the default PBT file;

Step 3: Enable Code Insight.

Refer to the following sections for detailed instructions.


When Code Insight is activated, AutoScript will be automatically turned off.