Code lines that can be set as breakpoints

Pay attention to the following do's and don'ts before setting breakpoints:

  1. Do set breakpoints to the code lines supported by PowerServer.

  2. Do set simple breakpoints to script, don't set special breakpoints, such as breakpoints triggered when a statement has been executed a specified number of times (an occasional breakpoint), when a specified expression is true (a conditional breakpoint), or when the value of a variable changes.

  3. To set a SQL statement that spans multiple lines as a breakpoint, do set the breakpoint at the first line, don't set breakpoints at the other lines. If you try to set a breakpoint at the other lines, the breakpoint will be set to the line that follows the SQL statement.

  4. To set a PowerScript non-SQL statement, which spans multiple lines with continuation characters (&) as a breakpoint, do set the breakpoint at the last line of the statement, and if it is set at the other lines, the breakpoint icon is still added to the last line.

Note: you can set a breakpoint to the FOR statement, but the application will be suspended for only once when this statement is executed.