Enabling Code Insight

After you complete the configuration, you can enable Code Insight and use it to develop the PowerBuilder application.

Click on the icon of Code Insight and select Enable from the status-area-icon menu, as shown in the following figure.

Enable Code Insight

The Code Insight icon appears in one of the following statuses:


Detailed Steps

Code Insight remains disabled.

This happens when the PBT File list in the Code Insight Configuration window is empty. Make sure you have added the PBT file to the list.

Code Insight is enabled but ineffective in the current application. To make it effective, make sure you have

  1. Configured the PBT file of the current application as the default PBT file in the Code Insight Configuration window.

  2. Opened an object of the current application in a painter (not in the Source editor) by double-clicking it in the Workspace or selecting Edit from the popup menu.

After taking the above steps, Code Insight becomes effective ().

Code Insight is enabled and effective.

You can develop an application with the assistance of Code Insight.