Exporting C# models

After the DataWindow objects are parsed successfully and the model and column attributes are applied as needed, you can export the DataWindow objects as data models to a C# project.

To export the DataWindow objects to a C# project, you

  1. Select the desired DataWindow objects.

  2. Click the Model Export icon () on the toolbar of C# Model Generator.

  3. In the Model Export window that appears, select the C# project from the Project list or click Browse to select the project to which you want to export the DataWindow objects.

    In the Model Export window, you can also specify the following options.

    Save Option: Whether to overwrite the models if the models already exist in the project.

    Output SRD: Whether to output the SRD file. The SRD files are mainly used by the .NET DataStore for tracking the corresponding syntax that is parsed and to identify the corresponding model. Both the SRD file and its corresponding model are required by the .NET DataStore. The data query operation depends on the syntax included in the SRD file, and the Update, Delete and/or Insert operations depend on the syntax included in the model.

    New Folder: The name of the folder if you want to place the exported models to this folder under the project.

    Namespace: The namespace of the selected C# project will be automatically displayed. You can change the namespace if you want.

  4. Click Export to output the DataWindow objects.

    There will be a popup window indicating the number of objects that are successfully exported.