Selecting controls

You select controls so that you can change their properties or write scripts using the Layout view or the Control List view.

To select a control:

  • Click the control in the Layout view, or click the control in the Control List view.

    In the Layout view, the control displays with handles on it. Previously selected controls are no longer selected.

Acting on multiple controls

You can act on all or multiple selected controls as a unit. For example, you can move all of them or change the fonts for all the text displayed in the controls.

To select multiple controls:

  • In the Layout or Control List view, click the first control and then press and hold the Ctrl key and click additional controls.

To select neighboring multiple controls:

  • In the Layout view, press the left mouse button, drag the mouse over the controls you want to select, and release the mouse button.

Selecting all controls

You can select all controls by selecting Edit>Select All from the menu bar.

Information displayed in the MicroHelp bar

The name, x and y coordinates, width, and height of the selected control are displayed in the MicroHelp bar. If you select multiple objects, Group Selected displays in the Name area and the coordinates and size do not display.