Setting Global Options

On the toolbar of C# Model Generator, click the Global Option icon () to set options that are applicable throughout the whole model generation process.

  • Environment options

    Under Environment | General, you can select a theme for C# Model Generator. Currently you can only select the Dark theme or the Light theme.

  • Model Generation options

    Under Model Generation | Attributes, you can select the model attributes and column attributes you want to include in the model. The selected attributes will be automatically applied to all DataWindow objects by default. If you want to make changes to individual DataWindow object, you can use the Model Attributes and the Column Attributes icons on the action bar of each DataWindow object. See Applying model attributes or column attributes for details.

    After you select the attributes, you can click the Preview button to view the corresponding C# code example.

    Under Model Generation | Parse Settings, you can select two options: 1) whether to use underscores to replace all characters that are not alphanumerics or underscores in class names and property names; 2) whether to automatically parse the failed DataWindow objects when a new database connection is added (In some cases, DataWindow objects from multiple data sources need to be exported simultaneously).