About the extended attribute system tables

PowerBuilder stores application-based information you provide for a database table (such as the text to use for labels and headings for the columns, validation rules, display formats, and edit styles) in system tables in your database. These system tables are called the extended attribute system tables. The tables contain all the information related to the extended attributes for the tables and columns in the database. The extended attributes are used in DataWindow objects.

The system tables

There are five extended attribute system tables.


Contains information about


Tables in the database


Columns in the database


Display formats


Validation rules


Edit styles

What to do with the tables

You can open and look at these tables in the Database painter just like other tables. You might want to create a report of the extended attribute information used in your database by building a DataWindow object whose data source is the extended attribute system tables.


You should not change the values in the extended attribute system tables. PowerBuilder maintains this information automatically whenever you change information for a table or column in the Database painter.