Using wizards

After you have created a workspace, you can add new or existing targets to it. The first step in building a new PowerBuilder target is to use a Target wizard to create the new target and name it.

About wizards

Wizards simplify the initial creation of applications and components. Using your specifications, wizards can create multiple objects and in some cases automatically generate complex code that you can modify as needed. The first page in most wizards explains what the wizard builds. If you need help with the information you need to give the wizard, click the Help [?] button in the upper right corner of the window and then click the field you need help with, or click the field and press F1.

You start wizards from the New dialog box, but not all the icons in the New dialog box represent wizards. On the Project tab page, there are two versions of some icons: one that starts a wizard, and one that takes you straight to the Project painter.

Many wizards generate To-Do List entries to guide you through the rest of the development of the application, object, or component. See Using the To-Do List.