Building a DataWindow object

You use a wizard to build a new DataWindow object. To create a DataWindow object or use the DataWindow painter, you must be connected to the database whose data you will be accessing. When you open the DataWindow painter or select a data source in the wizard, PowerBuilder connects you to the DBMS and database you used last. If you need to connect to a different database, do so before working with a DataWindow object.

Column limit

There is a limit of 1000 on the number of columns in a DataWindow object.

For information about changing your database connection, see Working with Database Connections in Connecting to Your Database.

To create a new DataWindow object:

  1. Select File>New from the menu bar and select the DataWindow tab.

    If there is more than one target in the workspace, select the target where you want the DataWindow to be created from the drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box.

  2. Choose a presentation style for the DataWindow object.

    The presentation style determines how the data is displayed. See Choosing a presentation style. When you choose the presentation style, the appropriate DataWindow object wizard starts.

    If you want data to be retrieved in the Preview view when the DataWindow object opens, select the Retrieve on Preview check box.

  3. Define the data source.

    See Selecting a data source.

  4. Choose options for the DataWindow object and click Next.

    See Choosing DataWindow object-wide options.

  5. Review your specifications and click Finish.

    The DataWindow object displays in the Design view.

  6. Save the DataWindow object in a library.