Using the Source editor

You can use the Source editor to edit the source of most PowerScript objects directly instead of making changes to an object in a painter. You cannot edit the source of project or proxy objects. The Source editor makes it unnecessary to export an object in order to edit it and then import it, as you do with the file editor.

Caution: back up your objects

Although the Source editor provides a quick way to make global changes, you should use it with caution, and you must be familiar with the syntax and semantics of PowerScript source code before using the Source editor to change it.

Changes you make to an object's source code using the Source editor take effect immediately when you save the object, before the code is validated. If an error message displays in the Output window, you must fix the problem in the Source editor before you close the editor. If you do not, you will not be able to open the object in a painter.

Technical Support is not able to provide support if changes you make in the Source editor render an object unusable. For this reason, Appeon strongly recommends that you make backup copies of your PBLs or objects before you edit objects in the Source editor.

You can open an object in the Source editor in one of several ways:

  • Use the Open dialog box

  • Select the Edit Source menu item in the System Tree or Library painter

  • Select the Edit Source menu item in the Output window for a line that contains an error

Unlike the file editor, the Source editor cannot be opened independently. It can only be used in conjunction with an object defined within a target in the current workspace. You cannot open an object in the Source editor that is already open in a painter.

When you export an object and view the exported file in the file editor, a PBExportHeader line displays at the beginning of the file. If you saved the object with a comment from the object's painter, a PBExportComment also displays. The Source editor display is identical to the display in the file editor except that the PBExport lines are not present in the Source editor.

For more information on exporting objects, see Exporting and importing entries.