Modifying Script view properties

The Script view automatically:

  • Color-codes scripts to identify datatypes, system-level functions, flow-of-control statements, comments, and literals

  • Indents the script based on flow-of-control statements

You can modify these and other properties.

Some properties are shared

Some properties you specify for the Script view also affect the file editor, Source editor, Debugger, and the Interactive SQL and Activity Log views in the Database painter.

To specify Script view properties:

  1. Select Design>Options to display the Options dialog box for the painter.

    The Options dialog box includes four tab pages that affect the Script view: Script, Font, Coloring, and AutoScript.

  2. Choose the tab appropriate to the property you want to specify:

    To specify

    Choose this tab

    Tab size, automatic indenting, whether dashes are allowed in identifiers, and which compiler and database messages display


    Font family, size, and color for the Script view


    Text and background coloring for PowerScript syntax elements


    Whether AutoScript is enabled and what kind of assistance it provides