Using online help

PowerBuilder help contains the core PowerBuilder documents.

Accessing help

The following table lists the ways you can access help.


What it does

Use the help menu on the menu bar

Displays the help contents, the What's New in PowerBuilder help, or help for the current painter.

In a wizard, click the help button [?] in the upper right corner of the window

The pointer displays with a question mark so you can get context-sensitive help. Point and click in a field you need help on.

In the Properties view in a painter, select help from the pop-up menu on any tab page

Displays a help topic from which you can get help on the properties, events, and functions for the object or control whose properties are displaying in the Properties view.

Add a help button to the PowerBar and use it

Displays the help contents.

Press F1

Displays the help contents.

Press Shift+F1 in the Script view or Function painter

Displays context-sensitive help about the function, event, or keyword under the cursor.

Select Help from the pop-up menu in the Browser

Displays help for the Browser or for the selected object, control, or function.

Click the Help button in a dialog box

Displays information about that dialog box.