Building proxies and .NET targets

The Project painter workspace for executable applications is shown in Defining an executable application project. It contains a tab control, and on each tab page there are text boxes and radio buttons you use to specify the characteristics of your executable file and dynamic libraries.

The workspace for all other types of project objects is similar. If you used a wizard to create the project, it shows the options you selected in the wizard. If you did not use a wizard, you select the objects the project will use and specify project properties on tab pages in the workspace.

When you build the project, the Output window shows whether the build was successful and lists any errors encountered.

Building and deploying a workspace

You can build and deploy a single project or all the projects in your workspace. You can also build and deploy from a command-line. For more information, see Building workspaces.

For more information

For more information about building Web service proxies, and EJB client proxies, see Building a Web Services Client (Obsolete) in Application Techniques and Building an EJB client (obsolete) in Application Techniques.