Creating new objects using inheritance

You use the Inherit From Object dialog box to create a new window, user object, or menu using inheritance.

To create a new object using inheritance:

  1. Click the Inherit button in the PowerBar, or select File>Inherit from the menu.

  2. In the Inherit From Object dialog box, select the object type (menu, user object, or window) from the Objects of Type drop-down list, and then select the target as well as the library or libraries you want to look in. Finally, select the object from which you want to inherit the new object.

    Displaying objects from many libraries

    To find an object more easily, you can select more than one library in the Libraries list. Use Ctrl+click to toggle selected libraries and Shift+click to select a range.

  3. Click OK.

    The new object, which is a descendant of the object you chose to inherit from, opens in the appropriate painter.