Copying controls

You can copy controls within a window or to other windows. All properties of the control, as well as all of its scripts, are copied. You can use this technique to make a copy of an existing control and change what you want in the copy.

To copy a control:

  1. Select the control.

  2. Select Edit>Copy from the menu bar or press Ctrl+C.

    The control is copied to a private PowerBuilder clipboard.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To copy the control within the same window, select Edit>Paste Controls from the menu bar or press Ctrl+V.

    • To copy the control to another window, click the Open button in the PowerBar and open the window in another instance of the Window painter. Make that window active and select Edit>Paste Controls from the menu bar or press Ctrl+V.

      If the control you are pasting has the same name as a control that already exists in the window, the Paste Control Name Conflict dialog box displays.

      If prompted, change the name of the pasted control to be unique.

PowerBuilder pastes the control in the destination window at the same location as in the source window. If you are pasting into the same window, move the pasted control so it does not overlay the original control. You can make whatever changes you want to the copy; the source control will be unaffected.