About the Application painter

Views in the Application painter

The Application painter has several views where you specify properties for your application and how it behaves at start-up. Because the Application painter is an environment for editing a nonvisual object of type application, the Application painter looks like the User Object painter for nonvisual user objects and it has the same views. For details about the views, how you use them, and how they are related, see Views in painters that edit objects.

Application painter layout

Most of your work in the Application painter is done in the Properties view and the Script view to set application-level properties and code application-level scripts. For information about specifying properties, see Specifying application properties. For information about coding in the Script view, see Writing Scripts.

Inserting nonvisual objects

You can automatically create nonvisual objects in an application by inserting a nonvisual object in the Application object. You do this if you want the services of a nonvisual object available to your application. The nonvisual object you insert can be a custom class or standard class user object.

You insert a nonvisual object in an Application object in the same way you insert one in a user object. For more information, see Using class user objects.