Creating multiple database connections

C# Model Generator uses only one database connection when it is opened; therefore, if the DataWindow objects connect to more than one database, some objects may not be parsed successfully. They will be reported as "Missing" (Invalid object name 'xxx') or "Error" (Table 'xxx' not found) in the Output window; and a Parsing Error icon ( or ) will appear on the action bar of the problematic DataWindow.

To resolve this problem,

  1. Click the Try Another Connection icon () (if available) on the action bar of the problematic DataWindow object, or select the New Connection menu from the Server section at the bottom right corner of C# Model Generator (for example, ).

  2. In the Database Connection window that appears, create a new database connection for the object.

  3. After you create a new database connection and click OK, you will be prompted “Whether to reparse all DataWindows?” Click Yes to parse all failed DataWindows or No to parse only the current DataWindow.

    You can also click the Reparse icon () on the toolbar to parse all failed DataWindow objects.