Silent Installation Guide

The silent installer allows you to install the Appeon for PowerBuilder on Windows in a silent mode. And before you could run the setup program in a silent mode, you would need to configure all of the settings required by the setup program beforehand. Instead of making the configurations and selections in graphical user interface throughout the installation process, you predefine these configurations and selections in the SilentInstall.ini configuration file and then the setup program will automatically read this file for any value or settings whenever needed.

The silent installer can install any of the Appeon components, including Appeon Server of all types (except for EAServer and NetWeaver), Appeon Developer, Appeon Server Web Component, and Appeon Help. And the required settings of these components are specified in the same configuration file -- SilentInstall.ini -- located under the root directory of the installation package, for example, ...\Appeon\SilentInstall.ini.

The silent installer can be launched via commands in the DOS command window. You'd better first copy all of the files for the silent installer to the local machine.