Starting Appeon Server

Once Appeon Server has been installed and integrated into JEUS Application Server, starting JEUS Application Server will automatically start Appeon Server. To start JEUS Application Server/Appeon Server:

Step 1: Specify the user name and password for JEUS Application Server in the JEUS configuration file (%JEUS_HOME%\bin\ The user name and password for JEUS is created during the JEUS installation.

Step 2: Open the Windows Start menu and select: Programs | Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 | Appeon Server for JEUS | Start JEUS.

For Windows Vista/7/2008/8/8.1 with UAC turned on, if you are running on a non-Administrator Windows account (such as an Administrators group member or a User group member), please right click the Start JEUS shortcut menu and then select Run as administrator to start JEUS Application Server/Appeon Server.

It will take several minutes to start JEUS and deploy Appeon Server EAR package (if not deployed). When the server startup process is completed, the following message will appear in the command window.

Figure 33. Start JEUS

Start JEUS