Uninstalling EAServer 6.3 that is installed with Appeon Server

EAServer can be silently installed with Appeon Server or installed separately before Appeon Server. If you installed EAServer by running the independent setup program (before the Appeon Server installation), uninstall it by running the EAServer uninstall program. For detailed instructions, refer to the EAServer Installation Guide. If you install EAServer silently with Appeon Server, you can do either of the following to uninstall EAServer:

  • Uninstall EAServer with the Appeon Server uninstall program.

    When uninstalling Appeon Server, you can choose whether to uninstall EAServer 6.3 which is installed with Appeon Server. For detailed instructions, refer to Uninstalling Appeon Server.

  • Uninstall EAServer separately, after Appeon Server uninstall.

    If you choose not to uninstall EAServer 6.3 with Appeon Server during the Appeon Server uninstall, you can still uninstall it by running the EASuninstall.sh file or SilentUninstall_Unix.sh file in the $JAGUAR/_uninstall folder, where $JAGUAR indicates the EAServer directory.

After EAServer is successfully uninstalled, some user created files might be left in the EAServer folder. You can manually remove these files.