Installation Guide for WebLogic Unix\Linux

Appeon® for PowerBuilder® 2016 Unix\Linux

Table of Contents

System architecture
Appeon editions
Appeon components
Appeon Developer
Appeon Server
Appeon Server Web Component
Appeon Workspace (for Appeon Mobile only)
Appeon Help
Installation Requirements
Client requirements
Software requirements
Hardware requirements
Appeon Server requirements
Software requirements
Hardware requirements
(Optional) Third-party Web Server requirements
Database Server requirements
Offline synchronization requirements
Client Database requirements
Synchronization Server requirements
Server Database requirements
Installing Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016
Installation scenarios
Remote Appeon Server using WebLogic HTTP Server
Remote Appeon Server using a third-party Web server
Appeon Server Cluster
Two installation methods
Appeon new installation
Appeon Server installation
Appeon Server Web Component installation (for third-party Web servers only)
Appeon upgrade installation
Upgrading Appeon Server
Upgrading Appeon Server Web Component
Starting/Stopping Appeon Server
Starting Appeon Server
Logging in to WebLogic Server Administrative Console
Stopping Appeon Server
Configuring Appeon Server Cluster
Post-Installation Configuration Tasks
Configuration for Web client PC
Verifying Web browser settings
Logging in as administrator or normal user
System language settings
Uninstalling Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016
Uninstalling Appeon Server
Uninstalling Appeon Server Web Component (for third-party Web servers only)