Configuring Appeon Server Cluster

Appeon provides its own tools and plug-ins to configure an Appeon Server cluster and implement the load balancing and failover functionalities. An Appeon Server cluster is essentially a group of JEUS servers, each with Appeon Server and Appeon plug-in installed.

Following are high level steps for configuring an Appeon Server cluster. For detailed instructions, please refer to Tutorial 5: Configure Appeon Server Cluster in Appeon Mobile Tutorials (Mobile only). The instructions are exactly the same for Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile.

  1. Install Appeon Server to multiple JEUS servers.

  2. Create Appeon Server cluster in AEM.

  3. Configure the Web server for the Appeon Server cluster.

  4. Install an Appeon application to the Appeon Server cluster and Web server(s).