Appeon for PowerBuilder is the first and revolutionary solution that leverages the PowerBuilder IDE for building an application and deploying it as a Windows client/server app, a Windows browser-based Web app, and an iOS/Android native mobile app. PowerBuilder is a very mature and productive 4GL development environment, running on the Windows platform, and offering distinguished features such as MDI windows, DataWindows, menus, and toolbars. All of these powerful features will be available in the deployed application.

From the native source code of PowerBuilder applications, Appeon for PowerBuilder can generate n-tier applications that can run on the Web or mobile environment. The application that run on the Web environment can automatically and precisely replicate the Client/Server user interface with HTML running in standard Windows Web browsers, while the application that run on the mobile environment can automatically take the typical mobile user interface for the iOS and Android OS. The application business logic including DataWindows, Embedded SQL and dynamic SQLs is deployed to a Java-based or .NET-based back-end. These applications offer the rich user experience of the original PowerBuilder applications and deliver the superior Quality Of Service (QOS) of the n-tier architecture and J2EE platform, as well as greater availability, scalability, security and reliability.

Appeon for PowerBuilder allows the entire application conversion process to be executed within the PowerBuilder IDE. It does not require the developer to write a single line of code. Only standard PowerBuilder programming skills are required.