Uninstalling Appeon Server

Step 1: Shut down all running programs including SAP EAServer, SAP EP Management Service, and SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere database.

Step 2: Change to $JAGUAR/appeon/_uninstall folder and run the uninstall program using the following command:


Step 3: Input y to confirm the removal of Appeon Server.

Step 4: Choose whether to uninstall EAServer 6.3. This prompt displays only if EAServer 6.3 was installed silently during Appeon Server installation.

Appeon recommends that you preserve EAServer 6.3 for later Appeon installation. Input n to retain EAServer 6.3 and begin uninstalling Appeon Server only. When Appeon Server is uninstalled, the Appeon Server Web Component that was installed during the Appeon Server installation is also uninstalled. However, some files created by Appeon Server after the installation may still exist in the EAServer and sybcent41 folder. You can remove these files manually.

If you selected to uninstall EAServer 6.3, EAServer will be uninstalled after the Appeon Server uninstall process is completed.