This part describes how to use forms to display and change information in your database

Access to the Form painter

To have access to the Form painter, you must use the typical or custom install. The InfoMaker form component is not included in the compact install.

Table of Contents

Defining Forms
About forms
Creating new forms
Freeform forms
Grid forms
Master/Detail One-To-Many forms
Master/Detail Many-To-One forms
Creating and saving forms
Creating basic forms
Creating a master/detail form
Defining data so that a form can update a database
Generating and saving forms
Working with forms
Running forms
Limiting the retrieved data
Importing data into a form
Saving data in an external file
Printing forms
Actions in forms
Accessing and deleting forms
Controlling Updates in Forms
About controlling updates
What you can do
Specifying the table to update
Specifying the unique key columns
Specifying an identity column
Specifying updatable columns
Specifying the WHERE clause for update/delete
Specifying update when key is modified
Enhancing Forms
About enhancing forms
Working in the Form painter Layout view
Using the Form painter toolbars
Using the pop-up menus in the Form painter
Using the Properties view in the Form painter
Selecting controls in the Form painter
Defining default colors and borders in the Form painter
Printing the form definition
Reorganizing controls in the form
Using the grid in the Form painter
Deleting controls in the Form painter
Moving controls in the Form painter
Copying and pasting controls in the Form painter
Resizing controls in the Form painter
Aligning controls in the Form painter
Equalizing the space between controls in the Form painter
Equalizing the size of controls in the Form painter
Undoing changes in the Form painter
Sliding controls in a form
Modifying general form properties
Specifying a title for a form
Setting colors for a form
Specifying the display of scrollbars for a form
Specifying pointers for a form
Modifying text in a form
Defining the tab order in a form
Using borders in a form
Prompting for retrieval criteria in a form
Modifying the data source of a form
Adding controls to the form
Adding columns to a form
Adding text to a form
Adding computed fields to a form
Adding pictures to a form
Adding command buttons to a form
Adding picture buttons to a form
Adding reports to a form
Adding drawing controls to a form
Highlighting information in a form
Displaying and validating data in a form